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Nowadays e-mail is irreplacable way of bussines communication in most of the companies.
We provide outsourcing of your mailboxes on our servers. Our servers can be accessed from anywhere in the world by using web browser, email software (POP3, IMAP) or cell phone. Our system supports encyption methods such as TLS ans SSL. Your emails are safe with us because of the unique design of LATVIJAS datu centrs e-mail system, with high availability and redundancy in all of its components. You don't need to worry about SPAM or viruses, because our SPAM filter. You will also get additional features like SPAM filter adjustment, e-mail forwards and filters.


E-mail hostingPrice/month EUR  
to 10 3.41
10-30 6.12
more than 30 call

  • LATNET Internet customers receive 50 mailboxes without additional charge.
  • Size of one mailbox is 1Gb!

E-mail filter:

E-mail filter is a new service of LATVIJAS datu centrs which allows any e-mail server owner to filter e-mail flow through LATVIJAS datu centrs SPAM and virus filter. LATVIJAS datu centrs will mark SPAM and notSPAM messages and deliver them to customer server.

e-pasta filtrs


E-mail flow/monthlyPrice/month EUR  
To 100 000 64.03
more than 100 000 call

* all prices excluding VAT 21%