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Services Dedicated server

Dedicated server is an ideal solution to get the right server for your IT needs colocated in our data center. You will get the server at once, but pay fixed monthly fee for you resources. We will also set up your server with the operating system (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows etc.), configure it if needed, and give you the root access to it. We can also further administer your server.

Server is placed in our data center which is air conditioned, supplied with uninterruptible power and Internet uplink.

Depending on choosen configuration server can be deployed as web server, database server or more complex needs as media streeming etc..

ServerPrice/month EUR Configuration  
special 92.49 Processor: Dual Core Intel 2.4 Ghz
Configuration: 2GB RAM, 500Gb SATA2 7200rpm
server1 140.86 Processor: Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz
Configuration: 4GB RAM, 2x500Gb SATA2 7200rpm, RAID 0,1
server2 177.86 Processor: Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz
Configuration: 8GB RAM, 2x300Gb SAS 15krpm, RAID 0,1
Extras: Firewall, 2 power supplies
server3 341.49 Processor: 6 Core Intel Xeon 3 Ghz
Configuration: 16GB RAM, 4x450Gb SAS 15krpm RAID 0,1,5
Extras: Firewall, 2 power supplies
Following services are included with the server:
  • Internet uplink Latvija 1Gb/s, foreign up to 50Mb/s
  • OS: Linux or FreeBSD,Windows
  • Up to 2 real IP addresses
  • support of DNS records in LATVIJAS datu centrs DNS servers
  • 24x7 customer support
Installation fee of the server is 200 EUR

Additional services:
Additional servicesPrice/month EUR  
OS Microsoft Windows 28.46 EUR
OS Microsoft Windows server 1CPU 192.09 EUR
OS Microsoft Windows server 1CAL 4.27 EUR
Firewall 7.11 EUR
Remote power (PDU) 7.11 EUR
Backup 5Gb 14.23 EUR

* all prices excluding VAT 21%
Also we provide Colacation and Virtual Server