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Services Audio/video streaming

LATNET offers integrated solution for audio and video Internet streaming.


Plūsmas sadales serveris


Our solution works as follows:

  1. Audio or video signal is been converted from the analog to digital format and encoded to needed audio/video encoding at the server called Encoder. This server is usually provided by our client, but LATNET can also help with the installation of this software.
  2. From the encoder stream is transmitted to the LATNET publishing point. The bandwidth from the encoder to publishing point must be sufficient just to transmit one stream (in the case of audio stream it is between 56kbs and 128kbs). That means Encoder can be located anywhere at the client site or the place where the audio/video signal is created.
  3. Listeners connect to the LATNET publishing point from their workstations, the stream is been decoded by appropriate audio or video decoder like winamp, vlc or Windows media player. Decoder can even be integrated in the web browser interface. Thanks to LATNET high local and international network links audio and video streams can be received by thousands of listeners around the globe.

We also supply the statictics for bandwidth used and concurrent connection count.

The pricing is based on upstream bandwidth and concurrent connection count, see table below.

Internet link rent 
Audio/video streaming,Internet link rentPrice/month EUR  
up to 50Mbs 49.8
100Mbs 99.6
500Mbs 284.57
more than 500Mbs call

Installation fee 200 EUR
Encoder setup, on demand.

*All prices excluding VAT 21%