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You can now colocate your servers or other equipment in LATVIJAS datu centrs new datacenter.

This data center is equipped with two power lines each from different power substations. In case of power interruption primary energosource is supplied with N+1 UPS system and diesel generator.

Data center has six conditioning units with humidity control system which enforce stable climate with temperature 18-20C and humidity level 40-60%. Cooling systems are planned the way one module interruption does not affect cimate at all.

Internet ulinks are redundant fibre links to two pops of LATNET, there are also two links to our global Internet provider Globalcom. Thanks to the handy location of our data center, other Internet provider uplinks can be supplied if client needs that.

datu cetra shēma

Data center cacacity is 40 rack places with the total power of 100kw. Internet connection capacity is 10Gbs Latvia and 10Gbs abroad, that can be increased if needed.

Each rack can be equipped with two PDUs, one to the primary power source, second to secondary, that way achieving Tier3 configuration with uptime of 99.98%. PDUs can have power measuring funtion built in, as well as switching.

Data center has acces control system with acces registration, security system and video monitoring.